The Quintessential Scarf

A recent survey of my closet, during my annual spring clean, I noticed an obscene amount of scarves and shawls in my wardrobe. It’s no secret. I love scarves!

I like to invest in scarves that are usually made of a blend of wool, cashmere or silk. Although cheaper materials, like acrylic or polyester, make for budget friendly wardrobe additions.

Not only do they keep me warm but they look elegant as well, and take up very little space in my bag, so I can carry it with me everywhere. 

They're fantastic for when you are traveling since you never know the air conditioning situation. Also have you ever notice how female celebrities come out of the airport, with a large scarf wound around their necks? I bet they're using it for warmth on the plane and in the terminal, and on their way out, they just wear it as a fashionable accessory.

For maximum warmth, drape the shawl loosely on your shoulders, make sure that one side is longer than the other, and then toss it across your front and over the opposite shoulder. It looks really chic, and people will think that you are just dressing up, rather than just keeping yourself warm.

 When you are done using it, fold it in half, and roll it up very tightly and stick it in your bag or fit it snuggly in the corner of my suitcase.

Here are a few of my top picks for every wardrobe:

1. Fancy 100% silk shawl $89.95:

2. Warm 100% wool floral wrap $150: 

3. Cashmere shawl $300: 

4. Fancy lace and cashmere shawl $500:

5. Light weight silk and wool printed scarf $89.95: 

 Multi-colored beige scarf $150: